bubblegumTop-notch rock site Loudwire declares Marilyn Manson’s BORN VILLAIN “Album of the Year” and “No Reflection” the single and video of the year. They went on to describe the “already extreme, controversial, and disturbing” HEY, CRUEL WORLD…tour “the must see show of 2013.”

The sold-out shows have already started an uproar because of the exclusive and intimate settings that were chosen to showcase Manson’s chaos. No injuries have been reported, despite the extreme police concern.

In other news…

Besides Manson’s upcoming appearance in the hit show ‘Californication,’ the premiere of WRONG COPS at Sundance Film Festival has already earned the film critical acclaim and the public confusion that its genius director, Quentin Dupieux, is known for.

Manson is also in negotiations for major film productions as both actor and director, and has painting exhibitions already planned.

The 2013 Grammy-nominated singer has already started an all-new music/art combo, reports say.

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